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Award-winning design drives improvements in productivity


The innovative u-remote design concept has already won plenty of awards.


Judges have been particularly impressed with how the integral product concept focuses on the needs of customers and end users, as well as the combination of outstanding technical performance and benefits in handling remote I/O components which have never been seen before.


u-remote is geared solely towards optimisation, making the product design the main driver for various improvements in productivity.

The jury of the International Design Council has nominated u-remote for the German Design Award, 2014. This prestigious international award recognises high-caliber products that incorporate a design offering special solutions.
In 2013, u-remote won the Product Design Award, which acknowledges not only design quality, but also such things as workmanship, innovation and functionality.
In 2013, u-remote won the Universal Design Award, which was given for its simple, intuitive use and innovative product benefits.