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Determining performance is the cornerstone of your power management

Our Power Monitor will support you with the utmost accuracy


To optimise the power consumption of machines and systems, you must first determine and analyse their performance. This is the only sure way to implement savings and build up a power management system.

Our Power Monitor measures and visualises all relevant characteristics with high accuracy. It is very easy to install and is therefore suitable for new systems and machines, as well as for upgrading existing systems.

You can make the Power Monitor the foundation on which to build your power management system. It can be installed in all systems that are supplied with electricity.

Our Power Monitor in detail:

Simple operation

The large softkeys allow you to navigate effortlessly through the menu. Combined with the large display they provide a system that is very user friendly.

Clearly structured display

The four-row LCD display is backlit and features a crystal-clear view of all the measured values at a glance.

High measurement accuracy

With an accuracy class of 1 % and a display refresh every 0.1 seconds, the Power Monitor complies with the accuracy requirements of IEC 62053-21.

Measurement of stand-by currents

Currents from as low as 1 mA are registered. Even very low outputs can be recorded – such as those from equipment in stand-by mode.

Exact measurement

Measurement is recorded of current, voltage, power, power factor, apparent and reactive power at each connected phase and in the total line.

Additional information available on our product catalogue.