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Flexible conveying systems require intelligent system solutions

We support decentralised power supply and motor control at Dürkopp


Dürkopp Fördertechnik specialises in the logistics chains for horizontal and hanging goods and is a market leader in transport and sorting systems for hanging clothes. Since the production and distribution of goods involve a large number of pieces in a short time, the buffer zones have to be flexible enough to match these volumes. This requires intelligent system solutions with decentralised motor control units which ensure simple installation.

The solution:
As a modular power distribution system, FieldPower® meets the particular requirements of conveyor technology for the clothing industry. Working with the customer, Weidmüller has specified an application-specific FieldPower® Control Box to supply and activate the SEW Movimot motors – with the following advantages:
  • Uninterrupted operation is ensured by the use of separate 400 Volt cables, RS485 data line with shield connections and 24 Volt with additional control signals
  • Quick, protected cable insertion thanks to flap seals
  • Optional, lockable maintenance switches ensure personal protection in line with the British safety standards required in systems
  • As an alternative to the flat cover, there is a box with a high cover featuring a maintenance switch
“Good solution for our decentralised power supply and motor control”
The FieldPower® Box adapted to the needs of Dürkopp is part of an intelligent overall system solution for transporting and sorting hanging clothing. “We are very happy with the Control Box for our system. The FieldPower® system is a good solution for our decentralised power supply and motor control,“ says Manfred Sportelli from Dürkopp Fördertechnik.