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The European Chemical Regulation REACH stands for registration, evaluation and authorisation of chemicals.


The objectives ot the REACH enactment, following article 1, are

  • securing a high level of protection for human health and environment
  • advancement of alternative assessment tools for dangers arising from these substances
  • improvement of competitiveness and innovation

To fulfill the objectives within the company Weidmüller following article 1 of REACH enactment, pioneering measurements have been taken. REACH is a learning system which can only be successful if the response to new insights or new demand response is handled flexibly and dynamically.

Weidmüller as an ecologically-minded company takes on responsibility for the communication within the supply chain and the whole information flow within the REACH enactment 1907/2006.

Following REACH article 33, the duty to inform about substances in products is only applicable for so called substances of very high concern (SVHC). The European Chemicals Agency ECHA decides which substances are liable to this regulation (see REACH Art. 59). Since October 28th, 2008, a first version of the list of candidates can be viewed on the web pages of ECHA.

As soon as we receive information from our suppliers about the presence of SVHC-substances in materials which are used in our products, we will publish the affected articles on this homepage.

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