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Frequently asked questions concerning REACH at Weidmüller


Which role takes Weidmueller within the supply chain under REACH?

  • The companies of the Weidmueller group take within the REACH hierarchy the role of the "downstream users", because neither the production and material are own manufactured nor procured outside the European Economic Area [EEA].

How does Weidmueller ensure, that all material used in the Weidmueller products are pre-registered?

  • As exclusively “downstream user” Weidmueller has no own obligation to register the material, therefore all our suppliers were made attentive regarding their obligation of registration and/or pre-registration.

Is Weidmueller able to give information about the status of the registration and/or pre-registration of material?

  • Since most of our suppliers - like Weidmueller - are either in the role of the "downstream user“ or trader and therefore request their upstream suppliers fort he pre-registration of relevant material, we have at present no final statements available.

Does Weidmueller expect delivery problems and/or product cancellation caused by REACH?

  • Due to the fact that we have almost exclusively suppliers from the European Economic Area and here the legal obligation for the registration of material exists, we do not expect any interruptions or problems concerning deliverability caused by REACH.

Which obligations have Weidmueller under REACH?

  • Weidmueller as supplier of articles has the obligation for the sales within the European Economic Area to inform about the presence of “substances of very high concerns” (REACH Art. 57, 59) with a limit value of 0,1 mass-percentage by product weight Art. 33(1.).

Who is the REACH appointee for the Weidmueller group?

  • The REACH appointee for the Weidmueller group is Mr. Florian Schmitz.
    He will be available for further questions.