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multi-stripax® PV and CTF PV WM4

Practical crimping tools for photovoltaic applications


Weidmüller's multi-stripax® PV is a trend-setting multi-functional tool used for processing solar cables. This one tool allows you to work with a wide range of different solar cables from different vendors without ever changing the blade. The multi-stripax® PV speeds up the work flow significantly. It also delivers stripping results with a high degree of repeatability.

For an electrical connection to be reliable, special professional tools are needed which can cope with the mechanical stress that occurs during use. The new CTF PV WM4 crimping tool (for Weidmüller's WM4 and MultiContact's MC4 photovoltaic contacts) delivers this reliability. Weidmüller's CTF PV WM4 tool produces excellent crimping results because of its superiour processing quality and precise contact positioning.

 Practical crimping tools for photovoltaics
Practical crimping tools for photovoltaics


Accelerated step in the work flow


The multi-stripax® PV provides genuine support for multiple functions: only one tool is required for cutting and stripping solar cables.

Excellent stripping results


The unique mechanical design of the multi-stripax® PV ensures that the stripping results are easy to repeat properly.

Comfortable to work with


Shape, material and surface texture of the ergonomic tool easily meets the demands of workers in the field.

Excellent crimping results


The unique mechanical design of the CTF PV WM4 tool ensures that the crimping results are easy to repeat properly.



Best possible workmanship and high-quality components manufactured in a quality controlled production process: this ensures optimum work results no matter how often they are used.

Exact positioning


The locator makes the tool easy to handle. It also permits the contacts to be precisely positioned in the crimping tool.