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Profibus DP Connectors

Weidmuller releases metal sheilded Profibus DP Connectors


Weidmuller have expanded their range of Profibus connectivity products with the release of Shielded Metal Profibus DP Connectors.


Perfect for industrial use and ideal in water, wastewater and general factory automation environments, the broad range of Weidmuller Profibus DP Connectors are completely encased in metal shielding.


With an emphasis on performance and quality, the outer metal shielding works to eliminate electrical noise. Plus, the secure and highly reliable communications point of the connectors helps to reduce wiring errors on installations.


Purposely designed as compact units, the Weidmuller metal Profibus DP Connectors can be used in small, tight areas with ease to deliver maximum convenience.


Available in numerous models including 35º and 90º angled cable entries with tension clamp connection, and 90º with M12 plug entires. Plugs come with a terminating switch and programming plug options to allow for the needs of different installation requirements.


Highly robust, always in stock and built using 100% certified components, users will find the family of Metal Profibus DP Connectors a welcomed, quality alternative.


For more information on the Metal Profibus DP Connectors call Weidmuller on free call 1800 739 988 or email info@weidmuller.com.au

 The Metal Profibus DP Connectors from Weidmuller
The Metal Profibus DP Connectors from Weidmuller