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ACT20P Bridge: Strain Gauge Signal Conditioner

For unusually accurate and stable measurements from any industrial strain gauge.


Weidmuller’s new ACT20P range of Signal Isolators now contains a strain gauge signal conditioner. The ACT20P Bridge uses ratiometric noise cancellation to provide unusually accurate and stable measurements from any industrial strain gauge. It combines small size with state of the art technology providing simple programming, calibration and tare adjustment.


The ACT20P Bridge has 4 switch selectable input ranges of ±10mV, ±20mV, ±30mV, & ±50mV, and a proportional current/voltage output of 0 -22mA (for loads up to 600Ω), or 0-11V (for loads above 1kΩ). Accuracy is better than 0.05% and has a temperature range of -40 - +70 deg C with temperature drift better that 50ppm.


Calibration is performed via front panel pushbuttons mounted under front label. Recalibration can be performed on either Zero point or Full scale without disturbing the other calibrated point.


With a fast input / output response down to 400ms this unit will suit many weighing, force or strain gauge  applications requiring accurate, high speed signal transfer either stand alone, or interfacing to a PLC / controller  providing the field supply and mV conversion.


The ACT20P-Bridge operates from a 12-60Vdc power source, with a built in precision power supply capable of driving 4 x 350 Ohm load cells with selectable 5 or 10Vdc excitation.

Customer Benefits

  • Amazingly small size for a strain gauge transmitter of 112mm high x 22.5mm wide

  • Extremely High reliability, Stability & repeatability over the whole temperature range of  -40 - +70°C with accuracy of 0.05%.

  • Under front cover contains  8 Switches for selecting input ranges, Output ranges, Excitation voltage, and 4 or 6 wire setting plus calibration buttons for ease of set up 

  • Suitable for 4 x 350Ω load cells in 4 or 6 wire Configuration

  • Exceeds EN61326-1:2006 for immunity to induced electrical effects from external sources, radiated or applied.