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WM4 Photovoltaic Plug Connector

The reliable plug connector for quick and safe connections in photovoltaic applications


The reliability, safety and efficiency of all components, from modules up to single connectors, are of significant importance when running a photovoltaic system. The "right" connector is characterised by low contact resistance, high-quality workmanship and easy handling. The WM4 plug connector for photovoltaic systems precisely meets these requirements. It fulfils the proven Weidmüller quality standards and is compatible with common pin layouts on the market.


Thanks to its TÜV approval according to the latest DIN EN 50521 norm, its ultraviolet resistance and its density against dust and water jets according to IP67, the plug connector can be used in various different application areas within photovoltaic systems. Examples are the connections for string boxes which might contain modules for overvoltage protection or the connections between photovoltaic modules and Weidmüller's junction box or CLINICS SOLAR, the system for the yield optimisation of photovoltaic systems.

 WM4 Photovoltaic Plug Connector

WM4 Photovoltaic Plug Connector

Plug connector and tools as a comprehensive solution package

Handling the plug connector is uncomplicated and intuitive: When the cable insulation has been stripped away, the metal contact is crimped and easily inserted into the plastic housing until you can clearly hear and feel the locking mechanism. After this, you only need to tighten the cable gland and the connection is fixed.

With a multifunctional tool for connector processing and the multi-stripax® PV for precise conductor processing, Weidmüller offers from one source not only the plug connector but also the appropriate tools for photovoltaic applications. The new crimping tool CTF PV WM4 for photovoltaic connectors, Weidmüller WM4 and Multicontact MC4, will complete this offer. Users of this total solution package achieve reliable electrical connections all around their photovoltaic systems.



Broad range of connections


One crimp contact for 4 mm² and

6 mm² conductors.

High current-carrying capacity

Suitable for rated currents up to 30 A.

Multifunctional tool for connector processing, combining many different functions in only one tool.

The plug connector is compatible with standard pin layouts thus offering flexible use.
Up-to-date quality

The plug connector with TÜV approval according to the latest DIN EN 50521 norm.

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