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PRO-M Switchmode Power Supplies

Small in Size but Big on Performance!


Today’s ever increasing reliance on electronic control and monitoring equipment  leads to a requirement for a stable, clean and reliable extra low voltage DC supply. Weidmuller’s Pro-M range of Switchmode Power Supplies offer an exceptional 500,000 hours Mean Time Between Failure rating. This level of performance assurance provides ongoing peace of mind that your critical processes are being reliably supplied under even to most extreme operating conditions. Reliability and dependability are designed in, not just tested.


Cubicle space is also an ever decreasing commodity. Together with demanding internal heat loads, designers and engineers are constantly trying to fit more into less space. The Pro-M’s design brief was to use the smallest footprint while being able to withstand higher than average ambient temperatures. This being achieved the Pro-M gives you more room for other equipment and gives a much greater safety margin for cubicle heat loading. With a space saving of up to 50% and no ventilation gap required between multiple units the PRO-M will squeeze into the tightest of switchboards or machines.

Pro-M offers up to 90% operating efficiency through the use of premium components and optimized design methodologies. A power boost of 120% is provided for up to 2 minutes. This enables inductive and capacitive loads additional starting capacity.


The universal input voltages range is from 85 - 264VAC/ 80 - 370VDC for single phase and 3 x 400 -500VAC/450 -800VDC for three phase. It is also permissible to power the three phase versions with only two phases connected.


Extended temperature range of -25 to +70 °C increases the number of application possibilities. Output de-rating tables are provided for high temperature operation.  Power sharing is achievable with up to 5 separate units without the need for external diode modules.


For power critical areas the 10, 20 and 40A single phase power variants offer a near unity power factor of 0.98. This is especially important where high power requirements necessitate total network power factor correction.


Protection is also provided against reverse DC from the load entering the power supply. This is desirable when driving an inductive load or floating batteries via charging circuitry.


With international safety and EMC approvals including the Australian and New Zealand C Tick the new PRO-M series can be used in all areas.


The new PRO-M Switchmode Power Supplies are available in ten different versions for single and three phase AC, and for DC operation.


Put quite simply, Weidmuller’s PRO-M range of Advanced Feature Switchmode Powersupplies effectively cancels out the “what if” scenario with efficient, reliable and dependable power for all your industrial process, instrumentation, and data needs.


Weidmuller’s PRO-M Advanced Feature Switchmode Power Supplies give you the confidence that you have made the right choice.