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FieldPower®: Decentralised Power Distribution with the new PowerBox


FieldPower® is the flexible, economic solution for decentralised power distribution in mechanical and plant engineering, at airports, in intra-logistics, motorcar production and anywhere there is a need to distribute power over long distances.


The FieldPower® is an all-in-one solution. Where there is only one module for feed, T-output, termination and extension of the power cable. 


The innovative solution includes PowerBox distribution boxes, maintenance switches, plug-in connectors (optionally with fuse function), prefabricated cable sets and a full range of accessories.

The Power is distributed via an outcut round or flat cables. The pick-off is done at any suitable position close to the consuming device using the PowerBox with IDC technology.


Branches and outgoing feeders to starters and frequency inverters are realised as "pluggable" or "fixed". This reduces the length of cable runs and shortens installation time.


FieldPower® reduces the overall costs of the project and increases flexibility for extending the plant or in the event of subsequent redesigns.


The benefits are impressive:

  • All in one - the PowerBox for universal application as feeder, extension and as two-way T-output
  • Prefabricated cables or fabrication on the spot
  • Current-carrying capacity up to 41 A in branches or outgoing and feed circuits
  • Construction of line, tree and network structures


Download a FieldPower® Product Information Booklet