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FieldPower - Decentralised Power Distribution

With New On / Off Isolation Switch



Amongst other things, distributed concepts in industrial automation engineering have the advantage that individual conveyor sections or loads can be taken from the network without having to shut down the whole plant. Maintenance switches are utilised in order to safely carry out maintenance work on these electrically powered machines or plant components whilst taking into consideration all of he relevant safety regulations and ensure their isolation from the supply circuit.


The Solution

Weidmuller‘s PowerBox On/Off is a decentralised maintenance switch (on/off function) based on the PowerBox and comes with IP65 seal rating.


Designed for service in harsh industrial environments, power distribution and switching is undertaken in a single product installed on-site. Not only does that mean the user saves on the separate maintenance switch but he also benefits from reduced costs and project planning expenses. Up to three service technicians or teams working independent of one another can be protected by a single lock on the maintenance switch which prevents the switch from being unintentionally turned on. There is no comparable product available on the market at the present time.


The Advantages

  • Protective isolation of individual plant components and loads from the supply circuit
  • Straightforward and rapid installation with prefabricated connectors
  • Feedback of switch position via a potential free M12 connector
  • 3 padlocks prevent unintentional start-up


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