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SAI Bluetooth: Wireless Communications

Weidmuller has extended its SAI programme with for wireless communications: SAI Bluetooth


Difficult Access

When transmitting sensor and actuator signals between control and field applications are difficult to access, and where movable plant components make cabling difficult, Weidmuller has extended its SAI programme with for ‘wireless communications’: SAI Bluetooth

Joining up without Connections

Bluetooth (IEEE802.15.1) has established itself as an industrial standard for interference-proof wireless communications. Communicating without any cable connections with up to 6 SAI Bluetooth slaves to which the sensors and actuators are in turn connected, the SAI Bluetooth gateways are integrated as stations in the Profibus DP network in the accustomed manner. That means when deploying the maximum 31 SAI Bluetooth gateways allowed in a Profibus network, up to 186 slave modules can be implemented.


The SAI Bluetooth Advantages

  • Robust thanks to internal antenna
  • Addressing function with addressing switch – makes setting and identification easier
  • Can be mounted in any direction required as the radio signals are emitted spherically in all directions
  • Fast transmission (10 ms) Weidmuller rounds off the programme with the corresponding connectors and an extensive range of accessories.