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Components and solutions for wind turbines

Reliable electrical components and electronic devices


Higher, better performing and, above all, low maintenance, suitable for all climate zones in onshore and offshore installations – these are the demands being placed on the wind turbines of the future.


Weidmüller has successfully taken on these challenges and now offers you reliable electrical components and electronic devices with long service life characteristics and low maintenance requirements, tailored precisely to meet the needs of the wind energy industry.

 Components and solutions for wind turbines

1. POCON Current and voltage converter terminals for the inverter unit


The inverter unit is the link between the generator and the mains power supply system. It converts the variable rotor speeds into a constant voltage for mains usage. To meet requirements for fast and in part customer-specific constructions the components utilised here should be modular, efficient and low maintenance. Protection systems and their testing play a critical role in these applications. Weidmüller offers a flexible interface system in its POCON current and voltage converter terminals; they enable test equipment to be rapidly connected.

2. ZST 1 – Fuse holder for the blade pitch control system


The pitch system is a particularly important system component. It ensures the optimum aerodynamic positioning of the rotor blades. It is a rotating unit which is built into the hub. It is extremely resistant to vibration and shock – a prerequisite for reliable and efficient operation of a wind turbine. Extra fuses should always be kept ready in the "pitch boxes" so that service technicians do not lose any time during their maintenance work. The fuses must be properly secured so that they do not fall out as they rotate. Weidmüller provides the solution: a holder for 5x20 fuses with a design based on the ZST (the Z series group carrier). The holder snaps onto the DIN rail and provides space for seven 5x20 and 5x25 fuse sets. A lid stops the fuses falling out.

3. FieldPower® LED – Lighting solution for the tower


You need to install lighting and power sockets in the tower in addition to the power and signal cables. When time and cost efficiency is a requirement, quick system solutions that are easy to handle are the critical success factors. FieldPower® LED brings light into the darkness. The solution provides a long-lasting, energy-efficient lighting solution which can be installed quickly and accurately onto the power bus. This lighting solution can cope with the extreme impacts and temperatures that are found in the rotor hub of a wind turbine. The FieldPower® LED can be used worldwide due to its multi-voltage input.

4. Ethernet switch – Communication module for Bottom Box


The Bottom Box houses the essential components required to communicate operating statuses to the remote operator or facilitate integrating the wind turbine in a wind farm, for example to be able to regulate the output of each individual turbine. Weidmüller's managed Ethernet switch with three fibre optic ports allows you to build a ring topology so that a wind power plant can be integrated into the facility cabling system without any risk of outages. An Ethernet fibre optic cable can also be connected to the Top Box without any additional devices.