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Efficiency and functional reliability for ship building and ship operation

Products and solutions with high degrees of automation and long service life


Increasing globalisation means that goods traffic between continents is growing rapidly. To cope with the increased transport volume, more and more ships are being built and used in surroundings where there is a high degree of automation and where the use of high-technology on board is essential.


Weidmuller is able to deliver superior solutions to meet these amazingly diverse challenges. The range, specifically tailored for use in the ship building industry, contains electrical components and electronic modules that are safeguarded against failure thanks to their long service life, a high degree of automation and low maintenance requirements.

  • 1. Switch-mode power supplies of the PRO-M series for navigation

Redundant systems guarantee high levels of safeguarding against failure for navigational components. If one controller fails, or there are fluctuations in a power supply circuit, the diode module automatically switches to the redundant power supply unit. The switch-mode power supplies of the PRO-M series ensure that the control circuits are supplied with a stable 24 V.

  • 2. Managed industrial Ethernet switches for ship automation

In the engine control room, the auxiliary systems are automatically controlled and regulated. For unmanned operation, the system‘s status must be continuously and reliably determined and passed onto the control and monitoring systems. Weidmüller has a complete line of products for transmitting analogue and digital system data. This uses our managed Industrial Ethernet switches to provide the interfaces to the ships redundant data networks. Thanks to Power over Ethernet, they can provide the field devices with power via the data lines.

  • 3. Klippon® TB distributor enclosures for deck machinery

Components which are installed on deck are constantly exposed to the corrosive, salty atmosphere and must be appropriately protected. Our high-quality stainless steel distributor enclosures, Klippon® TB are delivered in electropolished versions, so that salt spray, dirt and metal dust almost “bounce off” them. The enclosures are rated IP67.

  • 4. I/O modules for dynamic positioning

Dynamic positioning (DP) systems compensate for the external factors that can come into force when weighing anchor on the high seas. This is done precisely by controlling the drive and the rudder. Weidmüller offers a complete hardware based solution for this which transfers analogue and digital input and output signals. The I/O modules have 15 highly flexible and configurable channels. Space for them can be easily found in the bridge console thanks to their slim design. They can also be used in the harsher conditions found in the engine room thanks to their robust design. The communication networks for sensors and drive systems are constructed with redundancy to ensure the highest levels of safety.