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Charging infrastructure for electrical mobility

Proven electrical and electronic components from Weidmüller for charging systems


The charging infrastructure is critical for the success of electrical mobility as the range of electric vehicles is limited by the capacity of their batteries. In order to ensure unrestricted function of the charging stations, Weidmüller is supporting the various charging systems and their communications networks with their high-quality industrial standard components.

1) Relays and opto modules

Depending on the system, the driver can choose between a normal charging cycle or a quick charge. To precisely control the charging process, relays and opto modules are used that provide galvanic isolation and turn different actuators on and off without wear.

2) Switch mode power supplies

Switch mode power supplies are used to provide various electrical equipment in the charging station with the control voltage they need. They are known for their high levels of reliability with their reserve capacity and their wide operating temperature range. Their use guarantees high operational reliability as well as a long life of the system inside the charging stations.

3) Managed and unmanaged Ethernet switches / Ethernet connectors and special Ethernet cables

Managed and unmanaged Ethernet switches verify data and structures and thereby optimise the transport paths and times of the communications networks. This means that there is an efficient data communication between the charging stations, from the charging stations to the control system on a charging station campus, or directly to the central provider. Sturdy and fitted with high quality contacts, the Ethernet connectors and special Ethernet cables ensure high network availability.

4) Terminal blocks

With their high continuous operating temperature and fire resistance properties terminal blocks equipped with various connection systems are utilised to reliably connect the numerous cables installed in the charge points.

5) Lightning and surge protection modules

Lightning and surge protection modules are used to ensure that the charging process functions flawlessly even when there is an electrical storm. Last but not least, the many cables in the charging station are connected using terminal blocks with various connection systems, high sustained operating temperatures and fire resistance.