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Lighting strategies with FieldPower®

Tower and pitch lighting in wind power plants


The tower is the largest and heaviest part of a wind power station. It is either directly at the installation site or put together from pre-fabricated segments. Fluorescent lamps are used to ensure that the ascent up the tower in the nacelle is safe. Electricians can install these lamps but this process is slow and costly. The installation can be difficult, especially under adverse weather conditions or when cold weather dictates the use of gloves. Any troubleshooting can lead to even more costs and delays during the initial commissioning process. Weidmüller has come up with a comprehensive and efficient solution to this problem: the FieldPower® product line with IP65 protection.

Reliable contact with a 400-V power cable

The FieldPower® product strategy is based on a box for contacting 5-pole power cables from 2.5 to 6 mm2. The FieldPower® box consists of a lower section into which a connection block is inserted.

The integrated power LEDs provide a higher energy efficiency and a better durability than fluorescent lamps.

The technician is responsible for the purely mechanical installation of the lower sections on the specified locations in the tower segments. The pre-assembly of the cables and the electrical wiring take place at the same time in the electrical workshop. Either round or flat cables can be used for the uncut power cable. The cable is partially stripped at specified locations using the appropriate Weidmüller stripping tools: the AM 16 (for round cable) and the AMF 6/10 (for flat cable). Then the uncut power cable is inserted into the connection block. The colour coding makes this procedure quick and precise. Next, the contact element is simply rotated 90° using a screwdriver – this establishes a reliable contact to the uncut 400-V power cable.


The fluorescent lamps and power outlets for the tower are also pre-assembled in the electrical workshop and pre-fitted with plug-in connectors. An on-site technician then simply plugs it into the contact block in the FieldPower® box. Twin connectors are also available from Weidmüller for forming two spur lines. This allows you to connect one or two loads to the contact block depending on your requirements.

Electrical wiring for the tower, when based on FieldPower®, can be extended at any time or as needed. New loads or equipment are easily fitted using conventional round cable and pre-assembled connectors. They can also be plugged directly into the PUSH IN connection at the contact block of the pre-installed FieldPower® box.


Ground-level lighting for the pitch system

The pitch system is a particularly important component of the wind power facility because it ensures the aerodynamic positioning of the rotor blades. As a rotating unit built into the hub, resistance to vibration and shock loads are fundamental requirements for operating a wind turbine reliably and efficiently. Weidmüller has designed a sturdy solution to fit the extreme conditions of this application: the FieldPower® box for ground-level lighting of the pitch system. This LED-based system can withstand ambient temperatures between -40 and +55°C. So it can be used with certainty in wind power facilities for both extremely cold and extremely hot climates. The FieldPower® box has a multi-voltage input range from 110 to 265 V which ensures that it can be used around the world. The transparent plastic cover – made from fracture-proof polycarbonate – makes this solution even more resistance to vibration and shock.

The integrated power LEDs provide a higher energy efficiency and a better durability than fluorescent lamps.