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Safe controls for the sanding system

The sturdy Klippon® housing solution for fastening to the train underbody


The wheels on a train may slip in wet or icy conditions during the braking or acceleration. For this reason, sand is spread on the train tracks to increase the effectiveness of the brakes. The sanding system is operated from the driver's console. A magnetic valve can be controlled from the console which directs compressed air from the main air reservoir line to a air nozzle in the sanding facility. The air pressure from the nozzle blows sand through the hose or pipe and onto the rails in front of the wheels.

An application-oriented housing solution for signal control

It is critical that there is a reliable control mechanism for the electrical signals. This ensures that the process is safe and that the proper quantity of sand is dispersed. Weidmüller has designed an application-specific housing solution for this purpose which fully complies with the demanding conditions found in the railway industry. This box is responsible for connecting the signals that come from the interior controller (installed inside the train) with the active section that is located outside on the floor of the train.

Since the housing is mounted to the underbody of the train, it is directly exposed to dust, moisture, temperature fluctuations and – above all – a great deal of vibration. The top priority during the development of this solution was creating total resistance to vibration and impact.

Application-oriented housing solution for sanding systems in railway technology

Weidmüller decided to make use of the sturdy Klippon® K housing made from die-cast aluminium. Because of the limited space available, the compact terminals from the ZDUA series were used for signal transmission. The ZDUA terminals feature tension-clamp wire connections.  The tension-clamp connection is resistant to vibration and requires no maintenance. The resulting connection is also low-maintenance and vibration-proof so that it is in optimal compliance with railway requirements.