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Monitoring the flow of tyre production

using integrated metal marking

Uplifting Solution

Airplane maker won over by multivoltage input

Pinpoint adjustment for wafer-thin foils

Permanently reliable switching cycles

Reliable signal transmission for special machines

IP67 Remote I/O system, SAI Active, for efficient signal transmission

Automation in warehouse logistics

Forward-looking warehouse logistics at Geberit Produktions AG with FieldPower®

Easy construction of complex networks

Managed switches meet complex communications requirements

Retro-fitting robots with wireless technology

SAI Active wireless modules for a retrofit in no time

Safety connected without a cable

The SAI wireless modules bring field bus communications to movable plant equipment

Sophisticated performance for maximum precision

Compact MICROOPTO series opto modules

Scoring points with delightful service

A solution rugged enough to smoothly transfer signals in the field

Decentralised power distribution

High system availability and reliable data

Construction titans: Liebherr cranes on the job

Reliable isolation and coupling of digital signals

Insensitive to high inductive loads

Power Solid-State Relays

A new level of growth

Complete solution for elevator shaft cabling

Flexible conveying systems require intelligent system solutions

We support decentralised power supply and motor control at Dürkopp