See how we create the best connections in transportation applications worldwide.


Global knowledge network –across national borders and climatic zones

Custom-fit solution for Kazakhstan railway project

Supply and communication in the ship's control system

GL certified power supply units and Ethernet switches

Safe enclosures for rough seas

Klippon® stainless steel enclosures with absolute seal and Ex approval

PUSH IN and Light up!

Terminals with PUSH IN wire-connect system

A compact solution for a non-interrupted power supply

Application-specific WFF 185 two-stud terminal

High-speed with HighPower

RockStar® HighPower

Reliable communication transmission

RockStar® ConCept System Bus interchangable connector system

Secure railway lighting for the underground

Customer-specifically assembled Klippon® STB sheet steel enclosures

Vibration-resistant signal communication

WDZ module as an isolating converter for serial interfaces

Trouble-free transmission of payment information

Data communications with AdvancedLine Managed Switches