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Clear marking, clear water

Precise identification with the Weidmüller marking system


Initial situation

In the process of modernising its pumping stations, Paderborn's waste water treatment firm, STEB, has paid special attention to the ease of servicing during maintenance work. This does not just mean utilising GSM modules for remote maintenance. The basis for ease of servicing is the standardisation of the electrical components in all the town's pumping stations, including consistent and clear identification.


Weidmüller can deliver a unique, complete system for industrial labelling: with markers for connectors, wires and devices, and several industrial printing systems. STEB also works with WEST Elektrotechnik GbR, who has undertaken the electrical cabinet construction and planning for part of the pumping station modernisation.

Published in WIN! No. 10 | 2012

 Der Stadtentwässerungsbetrieb Paderborn (STEB) legt großen Wert auf hohe Servicefreundlichkeit bei den Wartungsarbeiten an seinen Pumpstationen

Der Stadtentwässerungsbetrieb Paderborn (STEB) legt großen Wert auf hohe Servicefreundlichkeit bei den Wartungsarbeiten an seinen Pumpstationen