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One for all – and all in the Ex zone

ACT20X signal conditioner for all explosive hazard areas and types of sensors


Initial situation

For ist control and feedback control systems, the Swedish company Tyratronics needed a solution to safely collect signals in explosive-risk zones.


ntrinsically safe, universal and, above all, simple to configure: these are the attributes that make the ACT20X signal conditioners the optimum product for Tyratronics. As part of their control solutions for gas filling plants, the modules perform precise and flexible signal conversions.

Published in WIN! No. 10 | 2012

 Der ACT20X hat sich als die optimale Signalwandlerlösung für die Gasabfüllapplikationen von Tyratronics Kunden herausgestellt
The ACT20X modules have proved to be the optimum signal conditioners for the gas filling applications (see picture on the left) of Tyratronic's customers