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A gain in safety

PUSH IN direct-insertion system, good orientation and optimised labelling


Initial situation

Infracor GmbH, a subsidiary of Evonik Industries AG, is the operating company behind the Chemiepark Marl. The integrated location operator and chemical service provider planned to install switching facilities and patch distributors on the site, among other things. To equip the patching scaffold, Infracor looked for an advanced solution to replace the old patching distributors with TERMI-POINT connections.


With the PRV marshalling terminals, Weidmüller was able to provide the best connection solution. The shape and design gives a high contact density, while at the same time there is better clarity. Along with this is the PUSH IN direct-insert system with touch protection to prevent unintended short circuits which was not available at the time with the TERMI-POINT systems.

 Safety is the top priority for the Chemiepark Marl
Safety is the top priority for the Chemiepark Marl