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Functional safety for process applications


When dealing with the core elements of a system with a large risk potential, it is especially critical to have the best system solution in place. Our SIL relays reliably switch off your systems in critical situations – and they have all been accredited. Let’s connect.


Whether for a burner control system, secure emergency shut down or, for example, for pump controllers – our safety relay guarantees safe conditions and encompasses highly superior and significant features.


Their integration into distributed control systems (DCSs) is even better, with an input filter which makes the SIL circuit immune to the test impulse which is typically used by a DCS. You will also benefit from simple maintenance: the fuses are accessible from the outside and can easily be changed. You can see the status of the safety and the monitoring devices clearly on the displays mounted directly to the device.


All devices are accredited though certification by the internationally recognised TÜV-NORD group – for secure process applications around the globe. Let’s connect.


Safe control of back-up systems
Equipped with wide range input voltages in the monitoring circuit from 24 V AC/DC to 230 V AC/DC, the relay is designed for individual use, e.g. in back-up systems or the overfill prevention devices of tank farms.

Safe monitoring of furnace firing systems
The feed-in of fuel must be interrupted as soon as a boiler plant reaches any safety criterion limits. The SAFESERIES offers you a safety switch-off for the feed-in of fuel to furnace firing systems up to safety integrity level (SIL) 3.

Safe activation and deactivation
This universal device can be used for either the energise-to-safe or de-energise-to-safe operation modes, as you wish. This makes it suitable, e.g. for pump controllers or extinguishing systems.

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