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Series on “SIL in practice”

Reliably shutting down during an emergency, safe application in corrosive atmospheres and furnace control in thermo-process facilities


Reliable emergency shut-down

SIL in practice – part 1

Initial situation

Safety is a condition where one is at the highest possible state of being free from danger. Whoever wants to create such a situation in a processing plant needs to have a reliable partner at their side.


Weidmüller produces products that are precisely tailored for use in safety systems to ensure functional safety. The new SAFESERIES safety relay is suitable for both Low– and High-Demand-Mode applications and is certified to meet the safety requirement level SIL 3 by TÜV Nord according to EN 61508.


Safe application in corrosive atmospheres

SIL in practice – part 2

Initial situation

Offshore facilities such as wind generators or oil platforms are constantly doused with salt spray. Certain chemical facilities are exposed to traces of chlorine or hydrogen sulphide in the ambient air. Atmospheres of this kind are toxic for metallic materials, as they cause corrosive damage, thus leading to premature wear of installed equipment. This phenomenon is by no means restricted to exposed components. Even the control cabinet is not able, in all cases, to protect components from external influences.


For no less than 30 days the Weidmüller safety relay successfully withstood flowing corrosive gases in the Weidmüller laboratory. This successful outcome is due to additional protective measures for the electronics – clear added value for applications such as offshore or chemical facilities.


Furnace control in thermo-process facilities

SIL in practice – part 3

Initial situation

A comprehensive set of standards reflect the importance attached to assessing and avoiding risks associated with thermoprocessing plants.


­Weidmüller has tailored the new ­SIL relay of the SAFESERIES in compliance with these safety requirements.