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OMNIMATE POWER for IT systems – Scalable up to 50 kVA

Custom-fit solutions for special requirements

Increased compliance with end- use standards at less compromises: OMNIMATE POWER for IT systems establishes a new level of excellence with its standard integrated details. These attributes streamline the design-in and approval processes and result in safer operations.

This approach delivers evident advantages for the application as well as user benefits, such as: unlimited use in 400 V IT systems and touch safety according to IEC 61800-5-1 (+ 5.5 mm). The self-locking one-handed safety flange enables intuitive and safe usage. Operational reliability is ensured by the automatic interlock feature during the plug-in process.

In conclusion: No additional device covering required. The application-oriented design means that no compromises are necessary during the approval process.

Uncompromised scalability 
  • As much power as required, as little cost as possible: a connector series that perfectly suits every performance level and drive type: scalable from 25 A/2.5 mm² to 41 A/6 mm² to 76 A/16 mm².
Uncompromised IEC approval 
  • No extra measures or compromise needed for approval due to application-oriented finger safety according to IEC 61800-5-1:
    + 3.0 mm for 400 V-TN systems
    + 5.5 mm for 400 V-IT systems
Uncompromised power capabilities 
  • Uncompromised means high power reserves for superior overload capacity even at the high ambient temperatures of real-life applications.

Uncompromised safety

  • With details such as: insulated contact tips which ensure that the pin header is touch-safe, or automatic snap-in for a secure interlocking connection.



Uncompromised UL approval

  • Due to optimized clearance and creepage distance there is no restriction in the form of "Conditions of Acceptability" in difficult installation situations with the 600 V UL- approval of the final device. LISTED instead of Recognized!

Finger safety, acc. to DIN EN 61800-5-1

Since the end of 2007, device approval according to IEC Directive „Adjustable speed electrical power drive systems – Part 5-1: Safety requirements" requires additional distances between test finger and life parts according to the line-to-earth voltage – in order to achieve additional finger safety (for example, + 3 mm for 400 V-TN systems (line-to-earth voltage = 230 V), or + 5 mm for 400 V-IT systems (line-to-earth voltage up to 400 V in case of error)). An additional cover is required for the wiring section of a device if the connection system does not fulfil these requirements. The OMNIMATE POWER HP product line already complies with the stricter IEC requirements for additional finger safety.

Clearance and creepage distances, acc. to UL

It goes without saying that plug-in connectors rated for 600 V must be approved according the UL 1059 component standard, if determined for the us market. But, beyond the component directives, it is about to still meet the requirements of the end use standard (e.g. UL 508C), when the component is an integrated part of the device, if one wants to avoid comprimises that lead to restrictions like just being „recognized" but not „listed", or redesigns and additional measures such as coatings and covers. That is why the OMNIMATE POWER series provides sufficient creepages and clearances related to the surrounding device. The OMNIMATE POWER HP product line already complies with the UL requirements for 600 V creepage and clearance distances.