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Uplifting solution

Airplane maker won over by multivoltage input


Initial situation

The portfolio of the Italian system integrator Simav covers the integration of a variety of systems for a wide bandwidth of industrial production plant types. One question that they always have to ask themselves is, 'which field voltages do we have to work with?' With existing plants, they must in theory test the entire sensor system, sensor-by-sensor, to determine which components they should select for processing the voltages.


With the relay modules and solid-state relays of the new TERMSERIES, Weidmüller has launched a solution on the market which processes all the differing or changing input voltages from a field in only one product by means of its unique multivoltage input. In the context of a major project for the airplane maker Alenia Aermacchi, Simav was completely won over by Weidmüller's sustainable product solution.