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Safely connected without a cable

The SAI wireless modules bring field bus communications to movable plant equipment


Initial situation

The innovative SmartBox assembly unit from Comau is used for the flexible mounting of cylinder heads in motors. The heads have varying clearances for their drilling holes and variable mid-point gaps for their valves. The complex technology in use requires complex cabling between the sensors, actuators and the controller inputs and outputs. Comau came to Weidmüller with the requirement to reduce the complexity of the multiple field bus connections between the electrical cabinet and the machinery. They required a system that was clear and understandable.



Weidmüller offered an ideal solution for Comau: The countless cable bundles were replaced mostly by wireless communication with SAI wireless modules. This resulted in less complexity and also much less time spent on extensive maintaining and servicing of the system.

Published in WIN! Special SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2009

SmartBox Comau - a new and innovative assembly station to meet the needs of automobile manufacturers for flexibility and performance.