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Decentralised power distribution in logistical systems

High system availability and reliable data


Initial situation

The logistical systemsfrom the Dutch company CSi encompasses conveyor belts, robot-controlled palletisers, automatic truck loading, and incremental order execution. The remarkable aspect is that the solutions are developed, implemented, delivered and installed completely in accordance with customer requirements. When a conveyor belt is not moving this often leads to the entire process being brought to a halt. For this reason, CSi strives to attain a system availability of 99.7% for newly installed facilities.



Weidmüller's FieldPower® PowerBox with IP 65 protection and the IDC contact system is one of the solutions that have helped CSi to reach these goals. Additional FieldPower® products are also being used by CSi: these include the PowerBox HDC and the PowerBox with maintenance switch. The PowerBox HDC was specially developed for CSi. It can transmit not only power and data, but also 24 V with a heavy-duty connector through a drag-chainsuitable cable.

Published in WIN! No. 4 | April 2008
 FieldPower® - decentralised power distribution with the PowerBox

FieldPower® - decentralised power distribution with the PowerBox