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Safe enclosures for rough seas

Klippon® stainless steel enclosures with absolute seal and Ex approval


Initial situation

The construction equipment manufacturer Liebherr delivers application-specific cranes for cargo handling from its base in the Austrian town of Nenzing. Liebherr's range of ships cranes are designed to cover the needs on board all types of ships including the ability to lift heavy loads. To cope with the extreme environmental conditions found in Liebherr’s ship, offshore and mobile harbour cranes they need sturdy distribution enclosures that are not affected by saltwater, wind, sun, or dust. They also need to be able to cope with shock and vibrations


The optimal solution was found in the Klippon® TB-MH stainless steel enclosures from Weidmüller. The distribution enclosures are installed on the cranes to collect and selectively pass on electrical signals between the controller, sensors and motors. Their solid quality and the possibility to meet many requirements with just a few versions convinced Liebherr that they should use the Klippon® range.

 Liebherr cranes for use on barges or transshippers
Liebherr cranes for use on barges or transshippers