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Transclinic xi+

System for continuous performance monitoring of photovoltaic systems


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The equipment series Transclinic xi+ detects the voltage and current in photovoltaic systems. The detected readings are transferred using the Modbus communication protocol over a standard RS485 interface. With this set-up it is possible to measure the values from between 4 and 14 strings, and a maximum current per string of 30 A. Integrated into a Stringbox the system works reliably in a temperature range of -20 to

+70°C.The measurement of the current is particularly reliable with the selected shunt resistors.

A very detailed monitoring of the photovoltaic system can be achieved using the current measurement of single string (or groups of strings) together with the voltage measurement. Additionally, freely selectable analogue and digital signals, such as the status of the surge protector or meteorological data can be monitored. The digital output can be used to operate signalling units, e.g. when servicing is required.

Information obtained about the operating status in this way means that you can safely monitor the photovoltaic system. Transclinic xi+ helps achieve the optimum return on your investment.

Monitoring system Transclinic xi+ for photovoltaic applications





Current measurement

Voltage measurement

Analogue inputs

The current measurement of the strings is done using precision shunt resistors to ensure a highly linear result.

Transclinic xi+ can measure voltages up to 1,000 V DC. When combined with the string current, this can be used to measure the performance of the photovoltaic system.

The analogue inputs can be used for further individual signals, for example wind or solar radiation sensors.






Digital output

Digital inputs

Temperature monitoring

The digital output can be controlled remotely so that, for example when servicing is required - signalling units can be operated.

Additionally to the analogue values of voltage, current and the module temperature, two further digital signals can be evaluated. These could be used to monitor the status of the surge protection device and a door contact switch for example.

Transclinic xi+ is designed for a large temperature range for reliable operation in the Stringbox. The current temperature of the solar module is measured additionally.