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WIPRO test connector system

Convenient testing of network protection and automation systems


You want to operate your power networks safely. WIPRO provides you with a simple way of testing the protective function. Let’s connect.


In high-voltage and medium-voltage power supply systems of power utility and industrial companies, protective equipment detects power supply faults and the affected system parts are isolated from the non-affected parts by means of circuit breakers.

The protective devices have to be checked at regular intervals to ensure that they are operating properly. Our WIPRO test interface means that you can considerably reduce the time and costs required for this testing.

WIPRO is inserted in the secondary side, between the protective relay and the transformer or signal side and allows the protective relays to be safety and simply tested and adjusted using a coded and standardised test plug.

All-purpose usage

With up to 22 current circuits and functions such as automatic short-circuiting, longitudinal disconnection and leading deactivation of control signals, WIPRO optimally supports various measuring situations.

High adaptability

WIPRO is compact and suited for mounting on TS 35 terminal rails and wall recesses. The system is available with either clamping yoke or tension-clamp connection.

Always a step ahead

The test plugs features three contact levels and isolates signalling and tripping circuits in the direction of the protective relay and central control room before isolating the transformer.

Easy handling

Especially fast and safe in testing due to numerous standard functions: the coded test plug is clearly assigned to the protective device.

Reliable operation

Contact system operates interruption-free by inserting and removing the test plug. The external spring-loaded contact system is very reliable and durable.