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Electro polished, stainless steel enclosures and metal markers

Klippon® TBi and MetalliCard for long-term protection in harsh environments


You are looking for an individual electronics solution for a current project? You would prefer a new and compact design offering the most modern connection technology?


Then our specialists will be your competent partners for customer specific electronics. This area is an important and integral part of our customer specific solutions and offers a broad service concerning the development, construction and manufacturing of new solutions. Based on high quality products from the areas Terminals, PCB, Electronics and Sensor-Actor-Interface, we set up a solution according to your specifications.

Our services and product portfolios range from simple assembly over modification to the new development of solutions:

  • Modular terminal blocks, component plugs, snap-on bases, enclosures for electronics

    Improved quality due to the integration of relevant electronic components like resistors, diodes, varistors and capacitors – single or in combination


  • Snap-on base

    Component carrier design or simple wiring of the modules

  • Interface units


  • Modification of existing electronic products

    Modification of the circuitry or specific calibration


  • Combination of components

    Relays or optocouplers in combination with other components

Whatever is your specific requirement, with our customer specific electronics we can optimize your application and, for instance, implement compact modules.

Even under moderate environmental conditions, there is an increasing need for complex, individual automation solutions. A harsh industrial environment places additional, strict demands on applications and determines the design of the industrial enclosures to meet these demands.
With complete protection and excellent durability, our Klippon® TBi stainless steel enclosures offer the best protection for the components inside them. Neither dirt nor moisture can penetrate them. Their electro-polished surface makes them extraordinarily resistant to corrosion.
A sustaniable connection: Klippon® TBi enclosures and MetalliCard markers
With our new MetalliCard, we are also now able to offer an innovative customised labelling system that allows you to print on aluminium or stainless steel tags, as well as our standard MultiCard plastic markers. This is an extremely versatile solution for labelling in the electrical cabinet: with just one printer, one software program and one type of ink. You no longer need to hire an external agency for expensive and time-consuming engraving or productions.
Together, the electro polished Klippon® TBi enclosures and the MetalliCard metal markers meet the most exacting requirements – including high temperatures, severe climate fluctuations, UV radiation and other extreme environmental conditions.





International approvals

Interior mounting

Temperature and sealant properties

Every one of our enclosures is tested in accordance to EN 62208. We also meet industry-specific approvals, such as Germanischer Lloyd.
A dedicated mounting profi le of the enclosure facilitates the flexible, simple and secure installation of mounting rails or mounting plates within the enclosure.
A neoprene gasket provides a secure seal for the enclosure and ensures performance in temperature ranges from –40 °C up to +85 °C .





Can be printed on with the PrintJet PRO ink-jet printer

High-quality colour printing

Versatile installation

An update kit allows MetalliCard tags to be printed on with our established PrintJet PRO printing system without using any additional equipment.
Colour graphics, characters and logos can be created and customised. The PrintJet PRO‘s outstanding colour printing is a reliable, high-quality method for labelling facility components.
These versatile metals tags can be attached using rivets, glue, stainless-steel cable ties or brackets.