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Combiner boxes

Combiner boxes are located between the solar modules and the inverter.


Weidmüller has developed many standard configurations of combiner boxes based upon recurring customer requirements. These provide an optimal connection system, and also protection and monitoring systems. The range includes solutions for use in roof-mounted systems up to large solar farms.

Specially designed to meet the individual architecture of large systems customer-specific solutions can be implemented where required, quickly and safely.

Combiner boxes – a perfect solution for every customer's needs





From roof-tops to solar farms

Reliable protection

Optimally equipped

The combiner boxes are available in various configurations for terminating 1 to 16 strings.

Depending on the version, the boxes have protection up to class IP66. This ensures that they are safe to use outside.

Weidmüller offers complete solutions for the most varied requirements. Depending on the version, the boxes can contain terminal blocks, surge protection, fuses, load circuit breakers, and even systems that permanently monitor the performance of the strings.





Turnkey delivery

Individual solutions

We offer turnkey Plug & Play solutions that are ready for installation. This makes the assembly and installation process as smooth and quick as possible.

Be it a minor modification or a completely new individual product development, out application specialists develop and realise your needs with the perfectly matched solution. Talk to us!