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The clever way to optimise the profit of your photovoltaic systems


These days, precision and speed are of the essence when it comes to workflows in planning and production. The software RailDesigner® is a time-saving program which makes it much easier for you to select, create 2-D and 3-D plans and order assembled terminal rails with a high level of precision.

Our RailDesigner® offers decisive advantages:


  • Reduction of time expenditure
    It also speeds up the process of acquiring quotations and placing orders, for example by eliminating the need for time consuming fax orders: all processes can be initiated directly using the software. You configure your projects and the rest virtually takes care of itself!
  • User-friendly Interface

    The software helps to prevent possible mistakes by offering installation tips automatically and by clear project processing and management. In order to get a projection close to reality, the RailDesigner® is not only able to create 2-D but also 3-D plans.


  • Wide choice of components out of our product portfolio

    The software updates for the RailDesigner® can be downloaded easily. Thus you have access to our current product data base at any time.


  • Software compatibility

    Simply plan and design your projects using your normal CAE software. With its integrated interface, inputting data from your CAE system is easier than ever. That means maximum convenience for you: just import your data and you’re done


  • Easy ordering of your mounting rails

    Once you’ve finished planning your projects using RailDesigner®, you have the option of sending all your data to us by e-mail. We will then take care of assembly and supply you with the desired configuration and anything else you need for your project.

Discover the advantages of the RailDesigner® on www.raildesigner.de and download the software for free!


No two photovoltaic facilities are exactly alike and that is why a site-specific installation is required to maximise profits. Partial shading, PV module errors and power variations can all significantly decrease an installations profits even when the surrounding conditions are excellent.

CLINICS SOLAR products provide an intelligent method for analysis, diagnostics and optimisation of photovoltaic facilities. This can help increase productivity and profits at the facility.

With CLINICS SOLAR you can record and evaluate all of the key parameters and the total output of a PV panel or string.

CLINICS SOLAR – a to date unique analysis tool





Versatile usage


IP67 protection


Not dependent on the module or system type
Quick, versatile on-site troubleshooting: with simple integration into existing facilities using standard connector types.
Designed for harsh environments with IP67 protection.
The safe measuring method used is not dependent on the type of photovoltaic module (mono- or polycrystalline on thin-layer module) or the inverter brand.



Energy efficient
Simple and quick
The system saves energy by powering itself via the photovoltaic modules. Thus is no need for an auxiliary power supply or for an additional wiring.
The CLINICS SOLAR product line can also be integrated easily and quickly into existing facilities. The values can be exported over a wireless connection.