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Endless TwinMark shrink-fit tube

Individual, accurate conductor identification

Remove the clutter from your cabinets and make installation and maintenance easier – our solution for space-saving conductor identification provides you with a cost-effective process right from the start. Let’s connect.

You want to transfer data from your CAE system to your conductors – ensuring that it is durable, clearly legible and saves space.

Our endless TwinMark shrink-fit tube can be printed in seconds using the thermal transfer method and then shrunk to fit exactly on to the conductor. The length of the marker can be customised, depending on the scope of the labelling and the available space.

Labelling is particularly expedient when combined with our M-Print® PRO software andthe THM Plus S printer: after a trouble free data import, the markers are produced by the printer, fully assembled and ready for use.

Space saving on the conductor

The marker is easily slipped on to the conductor and then simply sits there firmly and securely. An optimum fit is achieved with a 2-to-1 shrink rate.

Large diameter range

The large range covers conductor diameters from 1.2 mm to 25.4 mm. The standard colours are white and yellow. Other customised colour variants are available on request.

High-quality material

Our shrink-fit tubes are manufactured from halogen-free polyolefin. They comply with DIN 5510-2 and BS 6853 and are therefore also suitable for traffic-engineering, marine and off shoreapplications.

Time-saving installation

Due to the oval cross-section, only a slight lateral pressure is required to slip the tube easily onto the conductor.

Convenient assembly

You can use our software to set the required length of the marker. The tube is perforated by the printer at the required position to allow easy separation.

Ink ribbon

We provide a specially developed ink ribbon, which ensures that the printing remains durable for a long time.

Perforation cutter

Available as option for the THM Plus S printer and especially suitable for the endless TwinMark shrink-tube. Can be installed easily in just a few seconds.

THM Plus S printer

The ideal solution for printing labels and shrink-fit tubes: the touch display and the centred roll make handling easy.