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Photovoltaic junction box

Innovative junction box for photovoltaic modules with a rated current of max. 10.5 Ampere


The new photovoltaic junction box is quick and easy to install. It allows you to optimise your production processes. The box enables a fully-automatic process which accelerates the production of photovoltaic modules and reduces the production costs. But also in the case of a manual assembly significant optimizations can be realised. The two-section housing design makes it easier to manufacture as well as to replace during repairs.

Quick and easy to install: the photovoltaic junction box





Fully-automatic or manual




Tried and tested effectiveness

The junction module has been designed to be assembled manually or completely automatically.

No more assembly delays caused by casting, curing, soldering or connecting wire.

The established tulip-contact connection delivers a solder-free ribbon connection.






Optimised efficiency

Optimised service

Robust, resistant connections

The optimised design of the junction box serves to reduce the photovoltaic module‘s power loss and thus improves the efficiency of the entire facility.

If maintenance is required (for example, if a cable has been bitten by a rodent), a new connection can be made quickly, simply and safely.

A new sealing and strain-relief system has significantly increased the wire withdrawal forces in comparison with the force needed for a conventional cable connection. It is impossible to unintentionally loosen the connection (automatic interlock).


Standard compliant –

DIN V VDE V 0126-5

  • Complies with DIN V VDE V 0126-5.
  • Rheinland TÜV certification
  • Developed in compliance with UL
  • UL 1703 is pending