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With our u-create software range, you are fully prepared for a wide range of potential applications, such as the implementation of small, large, and networked control solutions or scalable visualisation concepts.

We offer web-based engineering for simple and innovative engineering. With our visualization tools we complete our software portfolio.

Product range

Engineering Tools

u-create web

Web-based engineering software for flexible and future-proof engineering

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  • Platform and device-neutral programming, configuration and system parametrisation in accordance with IEC 61131-3
  • Use of standardised web technologies such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Compatible with the u-control 2000 web and u-remote hardware, aswell as IoT-Gateway as standalone device

Visualisation Tools


  • Minimal hardware requirements for easy deployment to third party applications based on linux or via container technology
  • PROCON-WEB Embedded Systems can be implemented independently of hardware and operating system. Web-based visualisation, support for mobile devices, and open communication standards increase flexibility.
  • Predefined control elements, user and rights management, multilingualism, data recording, recipe management, alarm and message processing, and many other features make PROCON-WEB Embedded Systems versatile.
  • Features such as the class-instance concept and automation objects with structure support speed up project planning. Scripting and customisable control elements increase flexibility for special requirements.


  • Modern user interfaces without knowledge of web technologies
  • Adaptive design and customisable control elements
  • User and rights management including geographical rights assignment

Innovations Software Solutions


edgeML – Easy and flexible ML integration into automation

High flexibility: Deploy hardware- and OS-agnostic ML models

edgeML makes it possible to integrate ML models into automation in a particularly easy and flexible way – regardless of the hardware. This allows systems or processes to be monitored continuously and efficiently with machine learning.

Machine Data Connector – Data acquisition from various control systems

Simple data acquisition, pre-processing and communication

Our Machine Data Connector enables the acquisition of machine data from a wide variety of control systems. It also allows local pre-processing and the use of machine data in other software systems through connectors and APIs, among other things.

Regression analysis in ResMa - ISO 50006-compliant energy management

Extension for our energy management software

With the regression analysis in our energy and production management software ResMa, dependencies between production data and varying influences can be analysed so that, for example, energy saving potentials can be better evaluated.



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