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Power-solid-state relays – Solid-state contactors for cabinet building

Ready to use for DIN rail mounting – Installed on heat sink

The solid-state contactors are a high-performance solution for all industrial segments. Our Power-solid-state relays enable noiseless and wear-free switching of industrial loads, such as large solenoid valves, heating tapes or motors.

TERMSERIES-compact TRAK – Highly vibration-resistant universal relays

Switch reliably in extreme environments

In trains and on railway lines, electronic components have to withstand strong vibrations, temperature fluctuations and the effects of the weather. In addition, there are high requirements for passenger safety and fire protection.

TERMSERIES 12.8 mm – Relay modules with test button

Facilitate maintenance and commissioning with manual operability

Relay modules from the TERMSERIES 1CO (16A) and 2CO (8A) are now also available with a test button. This makes it possible to test processes quickly and easily.

Innovations Analogue signal processing

ACT20D process value displays – easy and flexible to use

Always have an eye on your signals

In many industrial plants, process values such as pressure or temperature must be reliably displayed and monitored. ACT20D process value displays can be used flexibly and complement the proven ACT20 series.

ACT20M – Universal frequency measurement at only 6.1 mm width

Flexible use for a wide range of applications

The frequency current transformer ACT20M converts pulses or frequences in industrial control systems into an equivalent current signal. It is used, for example, to record and monitor the speed of motors and machines.

Innovations Power Supplies


Pre charge units with many setting and diagnostic options

Switch on DC microgrids in segments, operate and monitor them safely

DC microgrids are becoming increasingly important in industry. They enable an efficient and stable power supply and the simple integration of renewable energies and storage systems - essential for more sustainability and climate neutrality.

Innovations Lightning and surge protection


VPU PV I+II 5 pole – PV arresters for two MPPT in 1500 V systems

Effective protection of photovoltaic systems against overvoltage

PV systems are exposed to a variety of influences due to their installation in exposed locations. Our PV arresters of the VPU PV series protect PV systems against surge damage. They also fulfil the requirements of DIN EN -712 / VDE 0100-712.


VPU AC I F – Surge protection devices with integrated fuse

Surge protection devices for multipole applications

The demands on system availability in industrial plants, buildings and power generation plants are growing. High-performance lightning and surge protection prevents failures and is already mandatory in many areas.

Pluggable VARITECTOR PU AC type I+II – Lightning arrester for 230/400V

Reliable protection of energy feeds from lightning and surge damage

Our VARITECTOR PU AC type I+II are used in industrial plants as well as private and public buildings. The growing number of sensitive devices requires ever better lightning and surge protection for power feeds.

Leakage current-free VARITECTOR PU AC type I+II lightning arrester for 230/400V networks​

Protect sensitive devices reliably against overvoltage damage

The growing number of sensitive devices requires ever better lightning and surge protection for power feeds. This applies to industrial plants as well as to private and public buildings and regenerative power generation.

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Innovations Relay modules & solid-state relays

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