The perfect marking system for your requirements

Whether plastic or metal, whether individual marking or series marking - with our marking system you will always find an optimal and at the same time economical solution for every task. With MultiCard, MetalliCard, MultiMark, or CableLine you make the right decision. Our marking systems are designed to deliver precise and durable results that meet high quality standards. The marking of cables, products or control cabinet components ensures easy identification and traceability to optimise operational processes. Rely on Weidmüller's high-quality products - for more efficiency and precision.

Industrial printing systems as part of systemised marking

We offer you a comprehensive approach for industrial labelling systems. The printer, software and marking systems form a coordinated unit. The industrial printer is the focus, and produces high-quality, durable markings. Specialized M-Print® PRO printing and ordering software makes it possible to quickly and easily create custom markings. Weidmüller's marking systems are designed to harmonise perfectly with the industrial printing systems and software.



The M-Print® PRO software for our industrial labelling systems impresses with its intuitive usability, which is tailored to your specific needs. The software's quick and easy import as well as the easy editing and management of data promote efficient marking processes.



Our marking solutions offer you constructive solutions for all applications around the control cabinet. No matter whether you want to label shrink sleeves, metal markers or other materials – we have the right, high-quality solution for you. Optimise your control cabinet construction with marking systems for industry.



With our industrial printing systems you have the choice between ink, thermal transfer and laser technology. Permanent and high-resolution labelling is possible without complications with the industrial printers as part of the marking system.

Our product range in the field of marking systems

With our marking systems, you can handle almost any labelling task. The labelling systems are suitable for labelling control cabinet components and other electrical components. Our terminal markers are characterised by their high shock and vibration resistance.

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Marking System News MultiCard

SFC – SlimFix Clip MultiCard with two labelling fields

For cable markings, it is often required that the start and destination designation of the respective cable can be read quickly. Here it makes sense to print both data directly on a cable marker.

The new SFC-DS markers are designed as MultiCards and are suitable for direct printing with our PrintJet printing system. Their two labelling areas allow multiple data to be printed on a single marker. The print data can be imported directly from CAE projects into the M-Print PRO marking software. After printing, the markers are placed around the conductor and securely fixed with a special locking mechanism.

  • One marker with two labelling areas in 12, 21 and 30 mm lengths.
  • Printing of multiple information on one marker – e.g. start and target designation
  • Both marking surfaces can be read immediately by simply turning the marker
  • Special locking mechanism for secure attachment of markers
  • Suitable for conductor diameters of 1.5 to 7.0 mm

Two marking surfaces

With the SFC-DS markers, two identical or two different pieces of information can be printed on one marker. The two marking surfaces are placed on opposite sides. By simply turning the marker, both labels can be easily read from any direction.

Quick and safe mounting

The 4 sizes can be easily and quickly attached to already installed and connected conductors of 0,5 - 10 mm². A special locking mechanism ensures a permanent hold. 3 different long printing areas are avalaible for different print data length.

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Fast and economical marking

Marking systems for the entire cabinet

Optimally structured and sustainable marking in the control cabinet makes work easier and saves a lot of costs in the long run.

With the MultiMark marking system, we provide you with well thought-out products for all marking tasks. This includes quick-to-use and reliable solutions for every control cabinet. One example of this is our new label variants, which can be printed and applied particularly quickly. They meet the highest requirements in terms of durability and adhesive properties. Especially for PV applications, we also offer extremely UV-resistant labels.

  • Versatile marking system with over 700 products
  • Solutions for almost all marking needs
  • Fast printing and uncomplicated application of markers
  • Easy handling – e.g. for terminal markers
  • Best material properties and clear print image

Improved safety

With the neutral safety labels, standard-compliant marking in accordance with ISO 7010 can now be implemented flexibly and easily.

Manufacturer-independent marking

For marking components from different manufacturers, we developed the adaptable MultiFit marker range. The broad portfolio enables, for example, the marking of almost all terminal blocks made by Phoenix Contact.

Terminal markers

Our range of terminal markers enables you to accomplish virtually any labelling task

Wire and cable markers

Weidmüller's range of wire and cable markers provide you with solutions for a huge variety of applications

Device markers

With Weidmüller device labels, users can easily comply with all labelling regulations

Product innovations

Markers for special conditions

Complete workplace solutions

We support panel builders around the world and understand the challenges they face. We therefore provide you with sophisticated products and solutions of excellent quality for every step in panel building. This is how we create added value for you and your customers. Take advantage of our know how.


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