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Product range Connectivity


Innovations Terminal blocks


Disconnect terminals and fuse terminals with SNAP IN

Disconnecting and protecting signals (cross-section range 0.5 – 4 mm²)

Current protection and disconnection are critical functions in a control cabinet. For optimal protection of man and machine, individual connection solutions should combine these functions within a single system.


Direct and tool-free mounting of DIN rails

Use the entire length of the DIN rail

The Klippon® RailSnapper enables the DIN rail to be attached directly to the mounting plate. The design of the mounting clip ensures that the entire length of the DIN rail is usable. This is an advantage compared to conventional mounting, where free space is required for screwing the support rail.


Double-level terminal with side PUSH IN connection technology

Connect wires without a bending radius on two levels

Decentralised systems save space in the control cabinet, but the components have to be installed in small, flat distribution boxes. These challenges can be overcome with our new new Klippon® Connect terminal blocks.

PUSH IN - disconnect terminals with 3.5 mm width

Separate potentials simply and safely in confined spaces

In marshalling cabinets of industrial control systems, signal lines from the field are often connected with terminal blocks. These are known as a robust, simple, and tidy connection option. Their use requires sufficient current protection and a reliable disconnection circuit.

Innovations Plug-in connectors

Battery pole connector in IP67

Connect individual battery packs to form an Energy Storage System (ESS)

Battery storage systems are playing an increasingly important role in the field of renewable energies. They usually consist of several individual batteries that need to be quick and easy to replace.

Innovations PCB connectors and PCB terminals


OMNIMATE® 4.0 device interfaces for power, signals, and data

Configure hybrid connectors easily and modularly

Digital networking in the Industrial IoT is growing continuously. As a result, devices in different application areas more and more require many different interfaces for energy, signals, and data.

OMNIMATE® Data USB-C sockets for the PCB

Connect devices simply, reliably, and future-proof via USB

Due to their many advantages, USB-C sockets are being used increasingly in the electrical industry. We have now expanded the OMNIMATE® Data series with future-proof USB-C PCB sockets – for fast and easy data transmission.

Innovations Enclosure systems and components

Klippon® POK R – Polyester enclosure with fire standard DIN EN 45545

Meets special requirements for use in the railway industry

Our Klippon® POK R polyester enclosures fulfil the fire protection standard DIN EN 45545 and can therefore also be used in the railway industry. Products here are exposed to potential fire hazards and must meet strict fire protection requirements.

Innovations Distribution boxes

M12 EX – Distribution boxes with ATEX and IECEx approval

Standardised wiring of sensors in explosion-protected areas

Our new M12 EX distribution boxes bundle signals, minimise wiring effort and speed up work. A requirement for efficient automation, where more and more actuators have to be wired in the field.

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