Complementary modules for modular connectors Product innovation

Integrate many different functions in the smallest space ​

The ability to accommodate multiple functions and connection options in a single connector is becoming increasingly important, even in harsh industrial applications. We have added around 20 new modules to the portfolio of our connector system to expand the range of applications for the modular connector.

Complementary modules for modular connectors
Your advantages
  • Proven applications such as control cabinet wall bushings or slide-in solutions
  • New products also for connecting pneumatic hoses or cables until 2,9KV
  • Innovative PUSH IN connection technology​
  • Housings with two entries​
  • Coaxial Contacts​

The new terminal block modules for more efficiency

Modular and pluggable connection solutions for drawer systems

Modular and pluggable connection solutions for drawer systems

The new RockStar® ModuPlug terminal block modules with PUSH IN connection technology open up unexpected possibilities, in particular for distributor solutions in areas with difficult access. For example in drawer units such as those used in the Motor Control Center of low-voltage switchgears.

Space-saving and modular connection solutions for the control cabinet wall

Space-saving and modular connection solutions for the control cabinet wall

The new RockStar® ModuPlug terminal block modules with PUSH IN connection technology re-inventing the control cabinet wiring. The innovative terminal solution in the connector frees up space in the cabinet and reduces the time needed for installation.


Free sample set (modular connectors)

Would you like to see for yourself how easy it is to use our RockStar® ModuPlug modular connector? That's no problem! Order directly your free sample set consisting of frame, modules and matching screwdriver and get to know our modular system.

Configuration of industrial connectors

Assemble our heavy-duty connectors individually according to your requirements using our product configurator and equip your connectors conveniently and easily online with matching inserts, contacts and housings. Create your individual connector and discover the variety of different mating faces.

Our modular system for great performance in the smallest of spaces

Our modular system for great performance in the smallest of spaces

More for less: RockStar® ModuPlug, the modular connector, sets new standards. The connector system solves space problems by providing more functionality in a reduced installation space and thus also saves weight. The individual configuration of the different modules allows you to combine all required functions for the transmission of energy, signals and data in one interface. Another advantage is the more convenient and tool-free assembly. The sophisticated frames and module elements can be easily mounted and integrated into heavy-duty connector housings with IP65 and IP68. Even existing applications can be easily supplemented with the RockStar® ModuPlug modular system without any system modifications. Custom configuration gives you more of what you need and less of what you can do without.

More freedom - less effort

More power - less weight

New module width brings more performance into the enclosure

  • High-performance 100 A module available in “Single Plus 1.5” width
  • Narrower than market standard, creates space for further modules
  • Smaller frames and enclosure sizes to save space and weight

More signals - less space

Higher contact density on a single module

  • Higher contact density transfers more signals with the same enclosure dimensions
  • 36 signal contacts at a rated voltage of 250 V
  • Double module HD 36 achieves 50 % more than the market standard

More data - less limits

10 Gbit high speed in the smallest of spaces

  • Up to two Cat-6A-cables with 10 Gbit to be integrated in a module
  • Innovative two-pole bus module can accommodate megabit and gigabit data inserts
  • Standard M12 connector technology achieves optimal EMC values

More options - less costs

New pitch sizes ensure added flexibility at lower costs

  • Four different module widths save installation space, weight and costs
  • Halved pitch size allows twice the number of module slots
  • Reduced pitch separation allows more functionality in the same installation space

More flexibility - less dependency

Single-source solution for more alternatives

  • Maximum flexibility thanks to modular design
  • High-performance connectors, components for panel building and plant automation
  • Compatibility enables flexibility in the connector system

More convenience - less risk

Optimal product design for safe and easy installation

  • Two-point fixture allows assembly and disassembly without tools
  • Fixed locking position provides stability, modules can be assembled faster and easier
  • Incorrect connection is avoided through special round and rectangular coding

Perfect complements

The brand new SNAP IN connection technology

The brand new SNAP IN connection technology

The new SNAP IN connection technology will take your wiring processes to a whole new level. With SNAP IN, installation and maintenance work can be performed as quickly as snapping your fingers.

The new connection is as simple in principle as it is to use: the stripped conductor is inserted directly into open connection points and the snap connection snaps into place with a click.



Our comprehensive information materials for the RockStar® ModuPlug modular heavy duty connector are available for download. You can download our brochure and various flyers to find exactly the connectors, modules, housings, inserts or kits and other accessories for industrial connectors that meet your requirements. Use these resources to discover the right connection technology for your individual needs with the help of the modular system.

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