State-of-the-art marking with the thermal transfer printer ‒ tailored to your needs

Many different marking tasks often require the use of several peripheral devices, e.g. in the case of different print media or flexible requirements for the completion of the markers. The compact, modular thermal transfer printers from the THM series can combine several work steps and enable efficient and flexible work. Whether terminal markers, labels, shrink sleeves or other materials – our thermal transfer printers for panel building always deliver precise and high-quality marking results that meet the highest standards.

Benefits of our thermal transfer printers

Compact and flexible

Compact and flexible

The thermal transfer printers set themselves apart not just thanks to their outstanding performance, their compact size also makes then easy to transport for flexible use. Complete your marking work exactly where it’s needed without having to forego quality.

Small and medium print volumes

Small and medium print volumes

The Weidmüller thermal transfer printers are also perfect for small and medium print volumes and high output. The efficient operation and high printing speed let you enjoy clear printing results in no time.



One printer for all jobs. With over 900 different marking products, you can choose from a huge range of options to fulfil your marking requirements – all with consistent, high-quality printing results.

The Weidmüller range includes a selection of thermal transfer printers from the THM MultiMark series. From compact printers for small print volumes through to a powerful system for medium to high printing requirements – the selection offers something for everyone.

In our YouTube playlist you will find a collection of handling videos for our thermal transfer printers.

Thermal transfer printers as part of systemised marking

We offer you a comprehensive approach for industrial labelling systems. Ink and thermal transfer printers, software and markers form a coordinated unit. The thermal transfer printer is the focus, and produces high-quality, durable markings. Specialised M-Print® PRO printing and ordering software makes it possible to quickly and easily create custom markings. Markers from Weidmüller are designed to harmonise perfectly with labelling systems and software.

Our product range of thermal transfer printers

Discover our huge product range of thermal transfer printers. As a provider of high-quality identification and labelling solutions, we offer you innovative printing technologies that meet all the different demands that exist on the market. All of our thermal transfer systems impress with outstanding print quality, reliability and ease of use.

Our THM thermal transfer printers integrate cutting and perforation tasks into the printing process. They can divide endless materials into arbitrary lengths. The result is a noticeably simpler production of custom cuts with a respective inscription assignment. The industrial printers are suitable for markers and labels from the MultiMark family in addition to continuous materials, woven, and polyester labels, shrink sleeves or PLC labels.

THM MultiMark

The THM MultiMark is a compact and modular thermal transfer printer which is particularly beneficial when processing continuous materials. The optional cutting and perforating function allows the continuous material to be divided into any length. As a result, the THM MultiMark offers maximum flexibility and efficiency for your product identification processes. High quality performance for your identification requirements.

THM MultiMark PLUS

The THM MultiMark PLUS is designed for medium to high print volumes. Its robust design makes the printer particularly suitable for industrial environments. The thermal transfer printer reliably and precisely goes about its work even in these challenging environments. Whether labels, markers or shrink sleeves – the printer easily handles all of it and much more besides.

THM MultiMark TWIN

The THM MultiMark Twin thermal transfer printer impresses with the option for the double-sided printing of shrink sleeves. This innovative function lets you precisely and efficiently print on both the front and back of shrink sleeves. The associated shrink markers can be easily detached from the carrier material and slid onto the conductor to ensure reliable identification.

THM MultiMark LPC

Supported by the new THM MultiMark Labeling Processing Center (LPC), the tedious application of labels with screwdrivers or tweezers is no longer necessary. A laser is used to project the label outline onto the product surface without distortion to enable correct alignment of the component. The printing and application process is then started via a foot switch. In just a few seconds, the component is precisely labelled.

Handling videos for our thermal transfer systems

Thermal transfer systems as part of our complete solutions for the workshop

We support panel builders around the world and understand the challenges they face. We therefore provide you with sophisticated products and solutions of excellent quality for every step in panel building. This is how we create added value for you and your customers. Take advantage of our know how.



The M-Print® PRO software not only provides an intuitive user interface, it is also perfectly tailored to your individual needs. This software makes importing, processing and managing data a breeze. Take advantage of the user-friendly design and simplify your workflow when using thermal transfer printers.



Weidmüller offers you constructive solutions for all electrical cabinet-related applications. No matter whether you want to label shrink sleeves, metal markers or other materials – we have the right, high-quality solution for you. Optimise your panel building with efficient labelling solutions and high-quality thermal transfer printers.




Whether ink or thermal transfer technology – our industrial printing systems offer you customised solutions for virtually every requirement. Our thermal transfer printers boast cutting-edge functions. The high-performance and high-quality systems reliably manage your print jobs.

Downloads on thermal transfer printers

Here you will find valuable information that will help you make the best possible use of our thermal transfer printers. Download our brochures and flyers to find out more about the functions and benefits and obtain a compact overview of our printing technologies. For more detailed information, you can access the manuals in our Service section. Take advantage of our expertise to make full use of the performance of your industrial thermal transfer system.

Manuals can be found in our Service section

Consulting & Support

At Weidmüller we place great importance on consulting and support. Our team of experts supports you with advice from the very beginning and expertly answers all your questions on our thermal transfer printers, markers and software systems. The Weidmüller team handles all your concerns with dedication and expertise – whether installation, configuration or troubleshooting. We don’t just supply high-quality thermal printers with refined functions – we are first and foremost a reliable partner.

Consulting & Support

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