Various use cases from remote access to AutoML

Various use cases from remote access to AutoML

easyConnect is the ticket to the world of digital services from Weidmüller. Our initial focus lies on Industrial IoT and our services are built to enable various use cases from remote access to AutoML. As an Industrial Service Platform, easyConnect will continuously grow over time, offering various services for Industrial IoT and beyond.

Apps & Services

Device management

Adding and managing cloud-connected devices is typically the first step in any Industrial IoT use case. The device management service allows you to add new devices, manage device information, activate connectors on devices and view the devices’ online status. Several Weidmüller devices such as u-control can be connected to easyConnect.

  • Overview and management of connected devices
  • Management of connectors (or “skills”) on the devices
  • Insights into the devices’ health status

Asset Management

The asset management service is a modelling tool that allows users to model their assets and processes and link them to relevant time series data. For example, a plant manager may want to model a plant, consisting of several production lines which involve several machines each. Asset management thereby enables users to tailor specific setups and customize the platform to the users’ particular requirements.

  • Define assets, link time series data and configure custom asset attributes
  • Define asset categories and interdependencies of assets (“asset structures”)

Data visualisation

Most of the Industrial IoT use cases require data visualisation and analysis in a first step. easyConnect data visualisation services enable users to view, monitor and display live and historical data. Configure dashboards and charts easily without prior know-how. Analyse data anywhere and complement time series data with user interpretations. Weidmüller also offers further visualisation tools beyond easyConnect.

  • Range of visualisation feature (table overview, live monitor, chart)
  • Modern user interfaces for which you don't need to have any knowledge of web technologies

Remote Access

Secure remote access made easy. u-link guarantees quick and secure access to machines and plants while also allowing for efficient management of production plants, user clients, access rights or firmware versions. u-link is available as a service on easyConnect, as well as a stand-alone product.

  • Simple operation. Connect to your machine with just one click
  • Safe service. Secure remote access (German Federal Office for Information Security)


With Weidmüller Industrial AutoML, you can optimise operations, increase product quality and develop new business models by benefiting from advanced analytics. As a machine or process expert you can easily build, deploy and operate machine learning models without needing any data science skills. The AutoML tool empowers you to transfer your data and domain knowledge into ML models that generate value for your business.

  • Based on your own data and expert knowledge
  • Without the need for external consulting or a data scientist
  • Automatic generation of models
  • Simpler and faster solution development process


u-control 2000

For modern IoT applications, automation technology needs to be ever more powerful and adaptable.

u-control 2000 is one of the most compact and state-of-the-art control systems on the market and is the centrepiece of our hardware portfolio.

  • Dual-core technology allows real-time applications to be separated from non-time-critical applications
  • 512 Mbyte RAM, 4 GB flash memory and space for a micro SD card of up to 32 GB
  • I/O Modules direct adaptable
  • Approvals: ATEX, IECEx, DNV

Security routers

Our routers with integrated VPN technology are ideally suited for secure remote access to components and systems in remote networks. They are available with either wired or mobile Internet connectivity and support the u-link Remote Access Service. This allows remote access systems to be set up quickly and easily, with no special IT knowledge required.

  • Secure and easy remote maintenance via Weidmüller u-link Remote Access Service
  • Increased network security thanks to stateful inspection firewall, IP/port forwarding and network segmentation
  • Full flexibility thanks to Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces with 2 to a maximum of 6 ports
  • Variations with integrated 4G/LTE modem for fast, Internet-based radio communication access

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Are you interested and need more information?

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